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How Does Microneedling Increase Facial Hair Growth

Are you tired of patchy facial hair or struggling to grow a full beard? Look no further than microneedling. This innovative skincare technique is not just for improving skin texture and reducing fine lines but it can also stimulate hair follicles and increase facial hair growth. But how exactly does this process work? Today we dive into the science behind microneedling and its potential benefits for achieving your dream beard. Get ready to unlock the secret to fuller, more luscious facial hair.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves using a device to create tiny punctures in the skin. The purpose of microneedling is to stimulate collagen production, which can improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. Microneedling can also be used to help treat alopecia, or hair loss. One of the ways microneedling may help with hair loss is by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

This increased blood flow can provide nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, which can promote growth. Additionally, microneedling can help break up scar tissue that may be preventing hair from growing.

Considering microneedling for hair loss, it’s important to consult with a board-certified dermatologist or other qualified medical professional to ensure it’s the right treatment for you.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny needles. It is often used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. Micro needling may also stimulate hair growth, including facial hair.

The theory behind how microneedling works for hair growth is that the punctures create micro-wounds that signal the body to produce collagen and other healing factors. These substances then help to repair the skin and promote hair growth. Research on micro needling for hair growth is limited, but some small studies have shown promising results.

One study found that microneedling increased hair density in people with alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes patchy hair loss. Another study showed that micro needling improved hair regrowth in people with androgenetic alopecia, a type of genetic balding. While these studies are encouraging, larger and more well-designed trials are needed to confirm these findings.

Considering micro needling for hair growth, it’s important to discuss the risks and potential benefits with your doctor first. Micro needling can cause pain, bleeding, bruising, swelling, and redness at the treatment site. It may also lead to infection if not done properly.

Benefits of Microneedling for Facial Hair Growth

There are many benefits of microneedling for facial hair growth. This treatment can help to stimulate the hair follicles, improve blood circulation to the area, and increase the production of collagen and elastin. Additionally, micro needling can help to reduce the appearance of scars and other blemishes on the face. This treatment is relatively safe and has very few side effects.

Risks and Precautions for Using Microneedling on Face

There are a few risks and precautions to consider before undergoing micro needling on your face.


the needles used in the procedure can puncture your skin and cause bleeding. It is important to clean the area thoroughly before and after the procedure to minimize the risk of infection.


the needles can also damage delicate blood vessels, so it is important to avoid any areas that are bruised or broken out. Micro needling can sometimes cause temporary redness, swelling, and bruising. Any concerns about these side effects, please consult with your doctor prior to treatment.

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Tips for Facial Hair Growth with Microneedling

Looking to increase facial hair growth, micro needling may be a good option for you. Micro needling is a minimally invasive procedure that can stimulate hair growth by creating tiny injuries in the skin. This encourages the production of collagen and other growth factors that can promote hair growth.

There are a few things you can do to maximize the results of your micro needling treatments:

  1. Use a quality device: Make sure you use a good quality micro needling device that is designed for facial use. Cheap devices can cause irritation and won’t provide optimal results.
  2. Go slow: Start with fewer needles and gradually increase the number as your skin becomes more accustomed to the treatment. Going too deep or using too many needles can cause irritation and actually delay hair growth.
  3. Use aftercare products: Apply an aftercare product immediately after your treatment to help soothe the skin and promote healing. look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, or other soothing ingredients.
  4. Be consistent: For best results it’s important to be consistent with your treatments. Try to schedule treatments every 4-6 weeks until you reach your desired level of hair growth.


Microneedling has been proven to be an effective way of increasing facial hair growth. This method is safe and can be done at home, making it a convenient option for those who want to increase their facial hair growth in the comfort of their own homes.

It helps promote collagen production which can help improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. While results may vary from person to person, micro needling is a great option for those looking to enhance their natural beauty with minimal effort and cost.

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